Fear Fact: It’s Time For A Haunted Road Trip!

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With summer fast approaching the Visual Paranormal Division of Tourism  has put together a brief itinerary of scenic and educational highways that are sure to delight the entire family. So put the dog in the back seat and the kids in the trunk and let’s hit the road.

Archer Avenue, Chicago

The stretch of highway located between Resurrection Cemetery and the Saint James-Sag Church winds its way though dense forests and a number of cemeteries that all have their own individual tales of terror. It is reported that the ghosts of monks haunt the Saint James-Sag Church area, while the ghost of the “Gray Baby” is heard wailing at the Sacred Heart Cemetery. A phantom on horseback is said to gallop across the street at the intersection of 95th and Kean. The most famous haunt along Archer Avenue has to be Resurrection Mary. She haunts the road where she was struck and killed 80 years ago.

Clinton Road, New Jersey

Clinton Road has a long history of hauntings that includes it being one of the dumping grounds used by prolific contract killer Richard Kuklinski. Clinton Road was also known as a place where Witches and Druids met to perform their ceremonies. While driving on Clinton Road you will come to a very sharp bend known as “dead man’s curve”. Right after the curve is the “ghost boy bridge.” It is rumored that if you toss a coin over the bridge and into the water the spirit of the boy will playfully toss it back to you. A short distance further up the road are the ruins of Cross Castle, thought to be a hotbed for Satanic activities. If you decide to travel down the dark and winding Clinton Road we would advise not getting a flat tire.

Mona Lisa Drive, New Orleans

The local legend claims that a rich man donated the land and his collection of statuary to the City of New Orleans with the stipulation that the city create one statue to honor the memory of his deceased daughter Mona. The legends surrounding Mona are vague, some claim that Mona fell in love with a sailor and her father disapproved of the relationship resulting in the heartbroken Mona killing herself. Another version of the legend s that the sailor didn’t return her love and attempted to end the relationship. In this version Mona’s reacted violently to the sailor leaving her, and the sailor killed her while trying to silence her.

The memorial statue of Mona that stood for many years in the City Park was eventually destroyed. Since that time she is believed to haunt young lovers who drive down Mona Lisa Lane. It has been reported that couples who park along Mona Lisa Drive hear the moaning of a heartbroken woman and even experience the sound of scratching on their windows.

Shades Of Death Road, New Jersey

Situated in Warren County, NJ, the two lane seven mile stretch of road know as “Shades of Death Road” runs alongside of Jenny Jump State Forest. The legend of this run of asphalt states that a band of isolationist began living in the forest by the road. They were said to murder anyone who approached what they considered their woods. The low overhanging branches along the road are said to have been used for multiple hangings. Some residents of the area have claimed that the road was originally called “The Shades” but as the body count of murder victims increased  “of Death” was added to the name.

Although this is a colorful legend the most probable explanation for the name change is that the area around Shades of Death Road was the site of a severe malaria outbreak and the road’s name is a reference to the many people who died from the disease.

The area around Shades of Death Road is also known for supernatural happenings, this includes “Ghost Lake” where a cabin has been the site of reported paranormal activity.

Haynesville Woods ( Route 2A ), Maine

Route 2A runs through the town of Haynesville, Maine and has long been know as a treacherous stretch of road especially in the winter. The road has seen more than its share of fatalities over the years. With such a history of death It not surprising that this highway is know for its hauntings.

The most commonly reported incidents involve a woman desperately trying to get help for an accident involving herself and her husband. If a driver chooses to stop and offer help it is reported that the driver is suddenly enveloped in a dark bone chilling cold as the woman suddenly disappears. Another common ghost sighting is that of a small girl who was unfortunately killed by a semi truck while she walked along the road.

*A few other destinations you might consider for your family outing include:

Annie’s Road, New Jersey- haunted by a woman killed along the road.

Bray Road, Elkhorn, Wisconsin- known for being the haunt of “The Beast of Bray Road”

Jamestown Road, Jamestown, North Carolina- known for “The Vanishing Hitchhiker” thought to be the spirit of a woman named “Lydia”.

Mount Misery Road/ Sweet Hollow Road, Huntington, New York- Both of these roads are reportedly haunted by a number of spirits including a ghostly police officer with the back of his head missing and the ghostly residents from a mental asylum that had been destroyed by a fire.

This is a brief list that we at VPI have put together to add a little chill for your summer outings. We hope you enjoyed this collection of haunted roads and if you decide to visit any of them we suggest you keep your windows closed and your eyes open…

Steve VPI


A photo of Anna Norkus. The real “Resurrection Mary.”



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