Fear Facts: A Strange Case of Murder, a Spirit Double and Revenge

Fear Facts: A Strange Case of Murder, a Spirit Double and Revenge

In Victoria, British Columbia, Canada a beautiful park called Beacon Hill Park is noted for something ominous rather than for being a nature-filled respite from everyday life for the city’s residents. It is the Screaming Doppelgänger of a woman who stands with her arms stretched out above her with her face looking up at the sky. Her mouth is wide open as if screaming. It represents the negative and tragic events which have occurred within the confines of this bucolic urban oasis such as accidents, deaths due to natural causes, suicides and murders.
It began in the late 1970’s when people reported seeing a dark-skinned woman with long blond hair standing on an rocky outcrop near the Southgate corner of the park. The woman was always spotted in the morning and never moved or reacted to those who approached her. This went on for several months before she just stopped appearing in Beacon Hill Park and was soon forgotten by the residents of Victoria.

Then in the spring of 1983 a similar woman was seen standing on the same rock. There were two differences though. The second woman had a fair complexion and long dark hair as if she were the photo negative of the first woman. The other difference was that she did not appear to be solid but was misty and diffused like an apparition.
The body of a young woman was discovered on November 15, 1983 buried in a shallow grave hidden by bushes not far from the rock where the two women had stood. She was identified as Donna Mitchell, a Victoria woman with fair skin and long dark hair who had been reported missing on June 2, 1983. A police investigation revealed Donna had gone out for the evening with some female friends, but her whereabouts could not be traced after she left the Empress Hotel in Victoria. Donna’s family said she would not have run off because her daughter whom she loved dearly was about to celebrate her seventh birthday.

With the discovery of Donna Mitchell’s body more evidence came to light which led to a viable suspect who lived in Vancouver, British Columbia. But when the police went to the suspect’s home they found him hanging dead. To this day Donna Mitchell’s murder case is still officially unsolved, but investigators believe they did identify her murderer.
In the above case the first woman sighted in the 1970’s in Beacon Hill Park was the doppelgänger of the living Donna Mitchell. The second woman was the spirit of Donna Mitchell. The first woman or doppelgänger was the harbinger of Donna’s death and appeared very close to where her body would be dumped. The second woman or Donna’s spirit wanted her body to be found in order to have her murder solved and to have her body properly buried.

Many cultures over the world have ancient beliefs or theories about the meaning of seeing one’s double during life. One of the better known beliefs is that of the Doppelgänger which literally means ‘double goer’ in the German language. Long ago in Germany seeing one’s double was taken to be an omen of the person’s impending death. A similar being called the Fetch is found in Irish folklore. It is believed to be an apparition or the double of a living individual and is also a harbinger of that person’s death. In ancient Egypt a ‘ka’ was a spirit double who had identical memories and emotions as its living counterpart. The ka was used to trick or deceive people into doing the bidding of the ka’s living person. In Norse mythology the vardoger is a spirit double who is seen doing exactly what the vardoger’s human counterpart does at a later time. In Finland this spirit double is called Etiaien or ‘firstcomer’. In Breton (French) mythology there was a familiar twist to the concept. ‘Ankou’ was the henchman of Death who was depicted as a skeletal figure who wore a long black cloak or robe and carried a scythe. Sometimes it would be shown with a hood or a large black hat to shield his identity. We know him as the Grim Reaper.

No one escapes death, but in extraordinary cases like that of Donna Mitchell’s murder a person’s spirit may take measures to ensure their murder is avenged and that their physical body is not left dishonored. Was it guilt that drove her murderer to suicide or could Donna Mitchell have been her murderer’s Grim Reaper?
~ Mary Jo VPI

Fear Facts: Do Animals See Spirits and Return As Spirits?

Ghost cats have long been a staple among reported animal hauntings.

Dogs are known to react nervously, barking and whining in places where paranormal activity has been reported

As a pet owner I have often seen my cats reacting to something or someone that apparently only they could see. In the past I would chalk this up to the common belief that cats are weird to begin with . I know that pets can react to reflected light, dust particles or any perceived movement from shadows or insects. Well, now it appears that a scientific study has revealed that animals may actually be seeing things in a spectrum of light that is invisible to our eyes.

The eyes of mammals such as cats and dogs were thought to have lenses similar to the lenses of human beings. But the recent study has discovered that animals can see in ultraviolet light. Humans have a natural protection in the lenses of their eyes that blocks the ultraviolet light from reaching the retina.

In the study scientists examined the lenses of dead animals which included dogs, cats, monkeys, pandas, hedgehogs and ferrets. The objective of this study was to determine much light reaches the retina of these mammals. After the study the conclusion was reached that some mammals that were previously thought not to be able to see ultraviolet light actually can.

Ron Douglas, the study leader and a biologist at the City University London, England stated, “Nobody ever thought animals were able to see in ultraviolet. but in fact, they do.”

Being able to see in a fuller spectrum of light from red to ultraviolet implies that animals are seeing aspects of the world that we cannot.

What practical advantage would being able to see in the ultraviolet light spectrum serve for these animals? It allows, among other things, for prey animals to see and follow urine trails that would aid them in finding food in the wild. For reindeer it enables them to see polar bears which blend into their snowy environment in regular light.

It has long been thought that animals have the ability to sense or react to spirit activity. With this study’s insight into the anatomy of mammalian eyes we may now have credible evidence that animals can and do see spirits. I have used full spectrum cameras that records in the full spectrum that includes visible light along with the infrared and ultraviolet light spectrum.
~ Steve VPI

Some Examples of Hauntings Involving Animals:

A paranormal investigation team was reportedly contacted to investigate the home of a man who reported he had recently begun hearing the sounds of growling, smelling whiffs of strange odors and seeing doors open by themselves. At bedtime the homeowner said he felt something wet and damp touching his hand. The man found the suddenness in which the unexplainable events started frightening, and he believed they had a negative origin.

The investigators conducted a walk-through of the house and found nothing that could physically explain any of the unusual activity. They interviewed the man and learned that his beloved pet dog had recently died. They asked him about the dog, and he revealed that they had always slept together and that his dog would nudge his owner’s hard for a pet before going to sleep..

After confirming the unusual activity had started after the pet’s death the conclusion was reached that the mysterious entity causing the activity was the man’s deceased pet dog who had chosen to remain in a familiar place with a loving owner who had treated him so well.

In another case a man reported he was sleeping when he was awakened by the sound of his pet dog walking his apartment. The man even heard the click of the dog’s nails on the wood floor. The dog kept moving around the place, and the man couldn’t get back to sleep so he yelled to the dog from his bed, “Settle down already!” The sounds stopped, but then the man suddenly realized his dog had died a year ago. The man lived alone but he got up to check there was no one in the apartment. The man stated this was the first time he ever experienced anything like this.

The Knickerbocker House in Linesville, Pennsylvania is owned by Myrle and Peg Knickerbocker. They rent it out for various functions which may include a paranormal investigation of the Knickerbocker House itself.
It started as the Arnold House in 1882, a local tavern where townspeople would gather to enjoy a drink and each others’ company on a Saturday night. With a history that stretches of over 130 years The Knickerbocker House is filled with memories and invisible residents. One of these invisible residents was thought to be a cat because many people over the years claimed to hear meowing in the building though no one was ever found a cat. That was to change as you will see.

During one investigation The Knickerbocker House was wired for video through the U-Stream CCTV system which allowed people around the world to watch the investigation live. One viewer spotted a cat in a second floor room and wisely took a screen shot. This confirmed there is a ghost cat in the building as many long suspected. This screen shot is displayed in The Knickerbocker House along with a photograph of an orange cat that once lived in the building. It is not sure who owned the ghost cat, but Myrle and Peg say the ghost kitty is welcome to stay as long as it wants.

The Lemp Mansion in Saint Louis, Missouri is well known for its paranormal activity which many attribute to four suicides which took place in the home.
Johann Adam Lemp moved to the United States in 1836. By 1838 he operated a grocery store in Saint Louis in which he sold his homemade beer. The beer became so popular with the many German immigrants in the area that Lemp decided to open a brewery. It was a decision that made him a very wealthy man. In 1868 his son, William Lemp, Sr. built the Lemp Mansion. After the death of William’s son, Frederick, at age 28 in 1901 and the death of his best friend, Frederick Pabst, on January 1, 1904 William, Sr. shot himself to death with a gun six weeks later. William Lemp, Jr. followed his father’s example and shot himself to death in December 1922 after financial setbacks due to Prohibition. Elsie L. Wright, William Sr.’s daughter, also shot herself to death in March 1920 shortly after reconciling with her husband after marital difficulties.

Finally, Charles Lemp, son of Willam, Sr. shot himself and his dog, Cerva, to death on May 10, 1949. Charles worked in banking and real estate and was not involved with the family brewery. It is said he became odd and reclusive as he grew older. Charles believed his dog would be traumatized by his death. Now Cerva is often sensed and felt in the room where he and Charles died. Overnight visitors to the mansion report they are nudged awake by the wet nose of a dog. Also, Charles and Cerva are spotted together in the mansion where they lived until their deaths.
~Mary Jo VPI

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Have You Ever Experienced A Paranormal Event?

If you have ever had a brush with something that is beyond your ability to explain please share you story with us.

It is important to compile as much personal experiences as we can in our quest to understand what happens to us after our physical life ends.

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Fear Facts: Presidential Premonitions

With the upcoming conventions for the Republican and Democratic Party choices for United States President, VPI will be exploring the paranormal predilection of two of our past presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. These two who experienced prophetic visions also served during definitive times in the nation’s history.

During the harsh winter of 1777-1778 spent in Valley Forge, General George Washington experienced a vision that contained three prophecies or perils, as he called them, regarding the future of the United States of America. He relayed his vision to his friend, Wesley Bradshaw, who wrote it down for posterity.

General Washington was feeling anxious as he sat writing a dispatch one afternoon when something in the room caught his attention. He looked up to see “a singularly beautiful being.” Though taken aback, Washington asked why the being had come to him. He felt the atmosphere of the room became heavy and bright as the mysterious being revealed its purpose.

First Peril – George Washington heard a voice say, “Son of the Republic, look and learn.” The mysterious visitor pointed towards the Atlantic Ocean where Washington saw a dark shadowy spirit create two clouds using ocean water. One formed over Europe and the other over America. The two merged into one large cloud and enveloped America. Washington also saw flashes of light in the cloud and heard the cries and groans of the American people. This prophecy has been interpreted to be the American Revolution which was already being waged when General Washington had this vision.

Second Peril – The dark shadowy spirit then used ocean water to create a vision of America in which Washington could see villages and towns springing up from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Washington then saw “an ill-omened specter” form over Africa and move toward America. He then saw fellow Americans square off in battle lines against each other. A bright spirit wearing a crown with the word “Union” on it placed an American flag between the two opposing sides and said to them, “Remember, ye are brethren.” This is believed to predict the American Civil War.

Third Peril – The dark shadowy spirit blew a trumpet three times and sprinkled ocean water on Europe, Asia and Africa. Washington watched as a thick, black cloud rose from each continent and merged into one large black cloud. He was able to see hordes of armed men within the cloud through flashes of dark red light in the cloud. The cloud carried the armed men from each continent to America where the armies devastated all its cities, towns and villages. The voice then spoke a third time to George Washington, “Son of the Republic, look and learn.” The dark shadowy spirit blew long and hard on its trumpet. A light as bright as a thousand suns pierced the dark cloud causing it to break up. The spirit with “Union” on its crown came down from above with “legions of white spirits” who joined the Americans in their battle. The mysterious voice said for a final time to Washington, “Son of the Republic, look and learn.” The shadowy spirit then sprinkled ocean water over America and the dark cloud vanished along with the armies it had carried leaving the Americans victorious. Is this prophecy yet to come to America?

Abraham Lincoln’s Premonition of his own Death

Ward Hill Lamon, Lincoln’s former law partner in Springfield, Illinois wrote of Lincoln revealing a dream he had to a small group of people that included his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, and Lamon himself. Lamon said this occurred on April 14, 1865 just one day before Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. In the dream Lincoln said he walked into the East Room of the White House and saw a covered corpse guarded by soldiers. There were also a group of mourners present. Lincoln asked one of the guards who had died and was told, “The President. He was killed by an assassin,” Lamon said Lincoln saw the body and it wasn’t his own so he didn’t view the dream as being prophetic.

It is well known that Abraham Lincoln was very interested in determining the meaning of his dreams, but neither Lamon nor Mary Todd Lincoln ever mentioned Lincoln telling them about this particular dream in the years after his assassination. It was twenty years later that Ward Hill Lamon wrote of it in a book that he had published. Therefore, many are skeptical that Abraham Lincoln actually had this premonition.

Lincoln’s Ghost in the White House

Many people have reported seeing the ghost of Abraham Lincoln in the White House; most often during Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s presidency. There are two possible reasons for this. Both served during wartime, and Roosevelt also served the longest of any president (11 years). Eleanor Roosevelt’s study had been Lincoln’s bedroom. She often said she had the sense that she was being watched by someone as she worked in her study. Eleanor was convinced it was Lincoln who was keeping her company.

A clerk who worked in the White House claimed he saw Abraham Lincoln sitting on a bed taking off his boots on one occasion. Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands was visiting the White House on a state visit and slept in Lincoln’s bedroom. One night a knock on the door awakened her, and when she opened the door she saw the ghost of Lincoln standing there looking at her. Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover and Harry Truman often said they heard knocking on their bedroom doors in the middle of the night, but when they opened the door they never found anyone. They all believed it to be Abraham Lincoln who did the knocking. Calvin Coolidge’s wife, Grace, reported seeing the ghost of Lincoln looking out a window in the Oval Office. He had his hands clasped behind his back as he appeared to be deep in thought over a decision regarding the Civil War.

During World War II Winston Churchill stayed at the White House to discuss war strategy with President Franklin Roosevelt. He liked to unwind with a long hot bath while he smoked a cigar and enjoyed a glass of Scotch. One night Churchill walked out of the bathroom with only a cigar in his mouth, no towel. As he entered the bedroom he saw Abraham Lincoln standing by the fireplace and thinking quickly, Churchill quipped, “Good evening, Mr. President. You have me at a disadvantage.” Lincoln smiled and slowly vanished.

There have been no sightings of Lincoln’s ghost in the White House since Truman’s administration ended in 1953. The reason for this is believed to be the many renovations to the White House in the latter part of the Twentieth Century.

So as electron day draws near remember to listen to that inner voice that encourages you to vote for….

Mary Jo~ VPI

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Fear Fact: The Dark Side of Sunny Italy

Ruins of Pompeii

The” Sleeping Beauty”.


The Catacombs of Palermo


Italy is a popular destination for tourists from around the world due to its natural beauty, food and people. It also has a long and rich history that reaches back to antiquity. Let’s explore two darker places from Italy’s ancient times.

The Capuchin Crypt of Palermo, Sicily

Visitors to the Capuchin Crypt of Palermo are guided by a monk down a dark staircase that leads down to the crypt where many bodies are hanging from the walls on hooks. Some are in niches higher up the wall, and their eyes seem to watch visitors as they pass by. Most are still wearing their best clothes. Bones have been carefully stacked in some corners of the crypt. The atmosphere is creepy but reverent at the same time.

The crypt was built by the monks of the Capuchin Monastery of Palermo. The Capuchin monks fall under the Franciscan Order and wear a hood or cappuccio in Italian from which the name their order comes from. The first body interred in 1599 was that of Brother Silvestro da Gubbio. The crypt is divided into five sections. The first is devoted to the monks; the second is the Men’s section followed by the Women’s section which has an area for virgins who have metal bands on their skulls. The fourth section is for Professionals such as soldiers, doctors, lawyers and other well educated men. The final section is reserved for the bodies of priests.

It is oddly interesting to see the outfits the corpses are wearing. They reveal the history of clothing and military garb from the late 1500’s to 1871 when the body of Brother Riccardo was the last to be interred. The monks’ embalming process used vinegar as the preservation agent.

One more body was placed in the crypt in 1920, that of Rosalia Lombardo, a young child who succumbed to pneumonia. She is known as “Sleeping Beauty” and she appears to be napping. But it is a sleep that is frozen in time. Her family’s physician used a secret chemical process for embalming which preserved her body remarkably well. It is only in recent decades that her body began to show signs of deterioration. As of 2011 the monastery was working with the physician’s descendants to see if his embalming formula can be found in any of his papers. Visitors report an unsettling feeling of being watched as they move through the catacombs. Over time it has developed the reputation for being one of Italy’s most haunted and macabre locations.

The Ruins of Pompeii

Situated 7 miles east of Naples and 130 miles south of Rome Pompeii was an affluent town with 20,000 residents that contained temples, baths, theaters, houses and shops. The town gained its prosperity by catering to the needs of vacationing government officials and their families who spent their summers on the nearby coast.

Pompeii was also located in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano to this day, that erupted on August 24, 79 AD and buried Pompeii under many feet of ash. This fierce eruption stopped Pompeii in its tracks as her residents went about their daily lives carrying on with their usual activities. These poor people suffocated on the thick ash that filled the air and then fell to the ground where the volcanic ash preserved the town in a time capsule. In 1738 builders for the King of Naples were doing work where Pompeii once stood when they began to uncover ancient artifacts long buried in the ground. Archeological excavations began 10 years later and eventually revealed the streets and structures of Pompeii and its way of life. Mid-19th Century archeologist Giuseppe Fiorelli filled the air pockets left by the decomposed bodies with plaster of Paris and created body casts that caught them in their moment of death.

The streets of Pompeii have also been excavated and today tourists walk them to see the silent buildings and homes of Pompeii. Some claim the town has an eerie feeling about it. Night watchmen report hearing unusual sounds and seeing brief glimpses of shadows as they close up the town for the night. Mediums often visit Pompeii and give their impressions. One claimed she learned that she was a “lady of the evening” in Pompeii in a past life. Sometimes people say they get a sense that they are being watched when no one is in sight. Maybe these unseen figures are still moving about the streets of Pompeii doing the every day things they did in 79 AD.

“The Boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague.”~ A.E.Poe

What happens after death?

Are the possibilities that await us after death more numerous than we think?  Each person’s life experience is as individual as a fingerprint.  Could a person’s life experience determine what their after death experience is like?   Could some spirits reincarnate, while others exist in a spirit form that is able to pass between their nonphysical existence and ours through portals? Obviously, I don’t know the answer but I would like to hear the opinion of others on this topic. This is not a debate but an exchange of ideas so please feel free to express your opinion.

Investigation Journal: Paranormal Mindset? The Fort Mifflin Investigation

Casemate at Fort Mifflin

Casemate at Fort Mifflin

I am not prone to experiencing physical sensations during an investigation. Only rarely have I felt the chills or goosebumps that  many other investigators have experienced.  After I had several video investigations under my belt, I came to the conclusion that it must be something within myself.  I couldn’t understand why other investigators, even those I have worked with, could “feel” or”sense” things while at locations. I eventually accepted the fact that I must be “as sensitive as a brick” and did not possess any empathic ability.  It hadn’t occurred to me that perhaps I wasn’t open to the experience. I eventually began to wonder if  the demands of documenting the investigation was keeping me from experiencing what other investigators experienced; maybe I wasn’t a “brick” after all.  While documenting a location my tasks were (in the early years) mostly behind the camera. I did the set up of the static cameras throughout the location, and then using a handheld camera I shot the investigators as they conducted the sessions. I also monitored both the lighting levels and the audio levels during the investigation.  In short, my mind was totally focused on the documentation of the investigation.

It wasn’t until an incident happened to me while investigating Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia that I realized that this might have been the case. I was alone shooting “B roll” in one of the underground casemates. The casemates are brick passageways that lead to larger vaulted areas where Confederate Civil War prisoners were kept.  Some stretches of the casemates can be quite narrow.  I was walking through a narrow stretch with my camera shooting down the casemate when I heard  the sound of footsteps of one of my  investigator running up behind me. Ignoring the sound I continued walking and shooting. Just as the footsteps reached me my entire left side went ice cold, and for a brief moment I actually saw myself from behind and slightly above. I can only describe it as being like a very quick dream. The entire experience only lasted a second or two, and when I turned around I was astonished to discover I was totally alone in that casemate. I wondered if a spirit had passed through me down the narrow passageway and for that brief moment I had “seen myself” as the spirit passed through me.  At that time I was alone and relaxed just walking with the camera and not concerned with any details of the documentation process.  This made me consider the possibility that having an open and uncluttered mind could enable someone to experience spirits in a more direct and personal way.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? If you have, what were you doing when it happened? Were you relaxed and open to the experience or does your frame of mind not manner?  Please share your experience by hitting the comment tab below the title of this post. Thank you. ~ Steve VPI

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Fear Fact: It’s Time For A Haunted Road Trip!

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With summer fast approaching the Visual Paranormal Division of Tourism  has put together a brief itinerary of scenic and educational highways that are sure to delight the entire family. So put the dog in the back seat and the kids in the trunk and let’s hit the road.

Archer Avenue, Chicago

The stretch of highway located between Resurrection Cemetery and the Saint James-Sag Church winds its way though dense forests and a number of cemeteries that all have their own individual tales of terror. It is reported that the ghosts of monks haunt the Saint James-Sag Church area, while the ghost of the “Gray Baby” is heard wailing at the Sacred Heart Cemetery. A phantom on horseback is said to gallop across the street at the intersection of 95th and Kean. The most famous haunt along Archer Avenue has to be Resurrection Mary. She haunts the road where she was struck and killed 80 years ago.

Clinton Road, New Jersey

Clinton Road has a long history of hauntings that includes it being one of the dumping grounds used by prolific contract killer Richard Kuklinski. Clinton Road was also known as a place where Witches and Druids met to perform their ceremonies. While driving on Clinton Road you will come to a very sharp bend known as “dead man’s curve”. Right after the curve is the “ghost boy bridge.” It is rumored that if you toss a coin over the bridge and into the water the spirit of the boy will playfully toss it back to you. A short distance further up the road are the ruins of Cross Castle, thought to be a hotbed for Satanic activities. If you decide to travel down the dark and winding Clinton Road we would advise not getting a flat tire.

Mona Lisa Drive, New Orleans

The local legend claims that a rich man donated the land and his collection of statuary to the City of New Orleans with the stipulation that the city create one statue to honor the memory of his deceased daughter Mona. The legends surrounding Mona are vague, some claim that Mona fell in love with a sailor and her father disapproved of the relationship resulting in the heartbroken Mona killing herself. Another version of the legend s that the sailor didn’t return her love and attempted to end the relationship. In this version Mona’s reacted violently to the sailor leaving her, and the sailor killed her while trying to silence her.

The memorial statue of Mona that stood for many years in the City Park was eventually destroyed. Since that time she is believed to haunt young lovers who drive down Mona Lisa Lane. It has been reported that couples who park along Mona Lisa Drive hear the moaning of a heartbroken woman and even experience the sound of scratching on their windows.

Shades Of Death Road, New Jersey

Situated in Warren County, NJ, the two lane seven mile stretch of road know as “Shades of Death Road” runs alongside of Jenny Jump State Forest. The legend of this run of asphalt states that a band of isolationist began living in the forest by the road. They were said to murder anyone who approached what they considered their woods. The low overhanging branches along the road are said to have been used for multiple hangings. Some residents of the area have claimed that the road was originally called “The Shades” but as the body count of murder victims increased  “of Death” was added to the name.

Although this is a colorful legend the most probable explanation for the name change is that the area around Shades of Death Road was the site of a severe malaria outbreak and the road’s name is a reference to the many people who died from the disease.

The area around Shades of Death Road is also known for supernatural happenings, this includes “Ghost Lake” where a cabin has been the site of reported paranormal activity.

Haynesville Woods ( Route 2A ), Maine

Route 2A runs through the town of Haynesville, Maine and has long been know as a treacherous stretch of road especially in the winter. The road has seen more than its share of fatalities over the years. With such a history of death It not surprising that this highway is know for its hauntings.

The most commonly reported incidents involve a woman desperately trying to get help for an accident involving herself and her husband. If a driver chooses to stop and offer help it is reported that the driver is suddenly enveloped in a dark bone chilling cold as the woman suddenly disappears. Another common ghost sighting is that of a small girl who was unfortunately killed by a semi truck while she walked along the road.

*A few other destinations you might consider for your family outing include:

Annie’s Road, New Jersey- haunted by a woman killed along the road.

Bray Road, Elkhorn, Wisconsin- known for being the haunt of “The Beast of Bray Road”

Jamestown Road, Jamestown, North Carolina- known for “The Vanishing Hitchhiker” thought to be the spirit of a woman named “Lydia”.

Mount Misery Road/ Sweet Hollow Road, Huntington, New York- Both of these roads are reportedly haunted by a number of spirits including a ghostly police officer with the back of his head missing and the ghostly residents from a mental asylum that had been destroyed by a fire.

This is a brief list that we at VPI have put together to add a little chill for your summer outings. We hope you enjoyed this collection of haunted roads and if you decide to visit any of them we suggest you keep your windows closed and your eyes open…

Steve VPI


A photo of Anna Norkus. The real “Resurrection Mary.”